Thanks to a very helpful blog from Jessica over at Cytanium, I have setup FREE email accounts for my domain, over at I can create up to 50 email accounts and each will have full email, EAS, and 7GB SkyDrive storage for each user.

To see how to setup email for your custom domain, you can get started here or check out Jessica’s guide here.

After creating the email account successfully, I was unable to add the account to my Windows Phone 8. This may seem like a simple task, but it eluded me for a bit. In order to successfully get it working, I had to set the server address to:

Also make sure that “Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection is checked.


I was unable to find this address anywhere in the documentation for WP8 or for custom domain email configuration. I only found this by comparing my default account I have configured on my phone. Hopefully this will help others who stumble into this.

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