What is WebMatrix? WebMatrix is lightweight development tool that you can use on your computer to develop and publish your websites. With WebMatrix, you can start with blank sites, utilize ASP .NET and PHP templates, or use Application Gallery to setup Blogs and CMS sites (WordPress, Orchard CMS, Drupal, and more)  eCommerce sites, Forums, Galleries, Wiki sites, and much more.

You can download the software installer here and you can find some excellent How To guides after you install WebMatrix here.

Once you download the software on the site, run the exe to begin the Web Platform Installer 4.0.


By clicking the items to be installed link, you can see what components will be installed as part of the installation:


On the next screen, you’ll see the Prerequisites and also need to accept the license agreement to proceed.


Then your installation will begin:


Near the end of the installation, we’ll need to reboot so that we can complete the install:


After the restart, the installation will proceed:


Then it will finish shortly:


Once you click finish, WebMatrix will display its logo in the center of the screen and launch to the Quick Start screen where you can:

-Open an existing site you’ve created
-Choose from a Template
-Setup a site from the App Gallery (WordPress, Orchard CMS, Drupal, etc..)




App Gallery:


As you can see the installation of WebMatrix is quite easy. Even a caveman can do it? :)

Again, check out the official WebMatrix homepage for more information.

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