BitLocker and Cluster Shared Volumes in Hyper-V Scenarios

In this post I’ll be focusing on configuring BitLocker on CSVs where you will be hosting Hyper-V based workloads. Just do a quick Google search. There are multiple online resources about the configuring of BitLocker and CSVs, but there is

ownCloud Series – Go the Extra Mile Part 1: Memory Caching

  This is the third post in my “ownCloud series” and the first in a series of posts in “Going the Extra Mile” with your ownCloud instance. The aim here is to share with everyone things that may help you

ownCloud Series – A Walk in Your Cloud

In the first post, we started with a fresh install of Ubuntu server and finished with logging into the ownCloud web portal for the first time. In this post, we’ll be picking up right where we left off, focusing on

ArchLinux Thoughts and Installation Notes

Lately I’ve been using ArchLinux quite a bit. In fact, I use it in a VM on my Mac everyday for various tools and utilities. When you talk about or read about Archlinux online, the most common complaint and challenging

Fun With the Kids

A video I made with my children. Description: Over the past several months, I have been using a new technique on occasion to help calm down disagreements between my kids. Believe it or not, my children don’t always get along (I

Migration to New Server

Today I completed the migration of my blog from shared hosting to an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS cloudserver at I’ll be on the lookout for any broken links or other site issues. If you happen to encounter any please let

Problem Screen Recorder

Have you ever found yourself having an issue with installing some software, configuring an application, or running into a software bug? I’ve run into these situations many times over the years. The normal progression is to try the action again,

Testing post from Nokia N900

Using the Windows Phone WordPress on my phone, to do a test publication.

New Blog, Hello World

Recently I wrote my very first “blog post”. It was a write-up on (warning to my non-tech friends, be prepared for something you aren’t going to understand) “Accessing SQL 2008 R2 Named Instances with SSMS, Remotely, on Custom Ports”. I’d

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