Nokia Leading Smartphones in Right Direction with Focus on Photography

Today was my son Addison’s 6th birthday party, where we had an incredible setup by my wife utilizing a Skylanders theme. It’s amazing to think he’s already six! I told my wife that she is getting old, but she just

Setup Custom Domain Email Account on Windows Phone 8

Thanks to a very helpful blog from Jessica over at Cytanium, I have setup FREE email accounts for my domain, over at I can create up to 50 email accounts and each will have full email, EAS, and

Upgrade Lumia 900 to Lumia 920? ATT gets it right, if you ask…

Here is my quick Lumia 900 story. I walked into an ATT store in April this year to kill some time while waiting for some take out next door (Sticky Fingers, that place is awesome!). While walking around I noticed

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