Multi-SSH key profile config Linux/MacOS

What if you need to SSH with key authentication to more than a single host from your laptop or server? This came up while rebuilding a host, its worth sharing… If you only ssh to a single host, you’d never

Login With SSH Key as Secondary User

On a few of my test servers, I am logging in with the root user by SSH key exchange. In moving some of my servers public, I wanted to be able to login with a secondary user account with an

Connect to L2TP VPN on Mac OSX

This weekend while setting up RRAS as part of a blog post I am working on a blog posting for, I had an issue where an L2TP VPN worked from my Windows 8 PC, but not from my Mac.

Mac RDC Error

For the past few months, my MacBook Pro has been my daily driver. As a Systems Administrator, I work with both Linux and Windows Server systems on a daily basis. I usually have multiple tabbed RDP windows open for Windows

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