Fortigate Firewall Debug

In one of my work environments we use Fortigate firewalls. With a complex rule-set, including multiple VDOMs, there are times where we need to figure out why some traffic (source) is not reaching its destination. We had such a case

ownCloud Series – Getting Started

Many of my friends have heard me talk a great deal about ownCloud. I talk about it, because it is a tool that does so much for me and is completely FREE and open source. You can run ownCloud on

Multi-SSH key profile config Linux/MacOS

What if you need to SSH with key authentication to more than a single host from your laptop or server? This came up while rebuilding a host, its worth sharing… If you only ssh to a single host, you’d never

Cisco ASA to Redundant Amazon Virtual Gateways

As part of my day to day duties as a “Systems Administrator”, I configure site-to-site VPN tunnels from my company’s hosted devices, to remote endpoints of all types. The most common scenario being IPSec VPN tunnels, with the endpoints on

Login With SSH Key as Secondary User

On a few of my test servers, I am logging in with the root user by SSH key exchange. In moving some of my servers public, I wanted to be able to login with a secondary user account with an

MS TechEd 2013

This year I was given the opportunity to attend and experience TechEd North America in New Orleans June 2-6. This was my first time attending and I was not quite sure what to expect. Could the assembling of so many

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