A video I made with my children. Description:

Over the past several months, I have been using a new technique on occasion to help calm down disagreements between my kids. Believe it or not, my children don’t always get along (I know its hard to believe). It’s especially effective when my 4 year old son and two year old daughter argue.

When they start raising their voices or whining, I just start copying (my daughter says “coffee’ing”) them by moving my lips, but without actually saying the words. Almost every time the kids go from fighting mad, to laughing uncontrollably. 

This does two things.
1) Shortens and stops the fight (Win!)
2) Helps me keep my sanity

Your mileage my vary. This statement and unsolicited parenting advice not verified by Parent’s Magazine or any other resource.

The other night I decided to sing along with my daughter while I recorded it and then it evolved. Hope you enjoy and laugh along with us :)

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